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I’m Going To Be Debt Free

I'm Going To Be Debt Free

One doesn’t sink into debt overnight.

It happens over time, when so many purchases have been made on credit that you begin to forget what you even purchased.   Once you realize what the interest payments are costing you each month it’s a wake up call.    The joy of being debt free is 1000 times better than the stress of being in debt.

When you’re finally ready to take action, here are some steps you can take to towards reducing your debt and meeting your financial goals.

  • Hide your credit cards and use for emergencies only.
  • Start Paying Cash
  • Create A Budget
  • Get a 2nd Job
  • Reduce Your Expenses
  • Pay off your smallest credit cards first
  • Call your credit card companies and try to get a better rate.
  • Look for balance transfer deals.
  • Follow Dave Ramsay
  • Save money using these tips from IMCodex
  • Search Pinterest for Debt Free Tips.
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