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I’m Going To Type 60 Words Per Minute

Type Faster

Typing is a must-have skill these days and not just typing, but typing fast and efficiently.

Sometimes getting picked for a position over other candidates comes down to typing speeds.

A common question at job interviews is whether you can type at least 60 to 65 words a minute.

If you can’t honestly answer yes to that question, here’s a few tips on how to improve your typing speed.

  1. Typing is 80% technique, 10% speed and 10% accuracy. Those who have mastered typing know that technique is indeed very important so this is what you should focus on to build speed. You will type faster if you master which letter or symbol should be typed with which finger so your hands are always in the same position with fingers typing specific letters and symbols. You can get a typing tutorial on Google, tutorial websites and on apps dedicated to this which help you to track your progress. As your fingers learn their place on the keyboard, you will find that you can type while looking on the screen and you will type correctly and quickly.
  2. Repeat and memorize your hand position. Be consistent about setting aside time every day to practice your hand position. Ideally, practice typing the same piece of writing. Typing is all about muscle memory. Typing the same words every day for a time before moving to something new will help your fingers remember their position. Your mind will start memorizing the words and you will be able to type the piece without reading it. Move on to practicing with something new only when you have mastered the first piece.
  3. Get the right keyboard. There are different keyboards with different shapes and sizes. As a beginner, choose one with soft keys that will easily respond to the strokes of your fingers. Also, the keys should be an ideal size for you rather than too big or too small. The keys should simply be large enough for you to place a finger on. You should also look for a keyboard that has concave keys.

As you learn, monitor your progress. Take free online typing speed tests and track yourself.

With consistency, you’ll surely reach the 60+ words goal.



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