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I’m Going To England


10 Things To Do In England

Planning where to spend time off or vacation this year?  After visiting 6 European countries in 2018, from Norway to Italy, England is still the aBroadpurpose favorite.  From the countryside to the city or even the coast, England has so much to offer. Here are 10 things to do in England.

1 – Surf in Newquay

Hands down our family favorite destination in England: Newquay.  The sand dunes that line the beach, the amazing sunset and a view for miles will leave you breathless. Newquay is one of those special places that you intend to briefly visit but then never want to leave.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were in a quiet version of sunny California.

What’s even more spectacular is the surfing.  Conditions are perfect for anyone of any age to learn to surf.  Gentle, easy and fun for everyone, you’ll wish you had a permanent residence in Newquay, England.

2 – Visit Warwick Castle

There are so many castles to visit in England, but Warwick Castle offers it all.  You can spend an entire day just visiting the castle. Home of the world’s largest bird of prey in England, the Andean Condor, along with the Mighty Trebuchet, it’s an impressive sight to see.

Warwick Castle lets you climb to the top of the castle, with views of the entire grounds and the River Avon.  The views from above and interior staterooms offer an impressive perspective of the castle’s significance started by William The Conqueror in 1068.

Visit on Halloween and you will not be disappointed!

3 – Experience Roman Baths

It’s hard to imagine a public bathing site constructed from 350-400 AD as a popular tourist destination but over 1 million visitors a year stop to see what these spa baths are all about.  Not only are the Roman Baths well preserved to experience it virtually as the Romans did, but water still bubbles up from the ground today. And in the Pump Room, you can taste it for yourself!

4 – Stroll The Beach In Norfolk

If you love the serenity of a quiet stroll on the beach, nothing compares to Norfolk.  Go for a walk on Brancaster or Holkham Beach for miles without thinking twice about turning back or ever going home.

From the colorful beach huts to untouched sands, Norfolk is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the best food England has to offer.  With restaurants serving farm or sea to table menus, Norfolk is a foodie and beach lover favorite.

5 – Attend A Football Game

Nothing is more English than an afternoon or evening spent at a football game.  Though tickets can be tough to get, it’s worth the experience. The stadium energy is infectious and unlike an NFL game, alcohol isn’t allowed in the stands making it a great family adventure out.

6 – Enjoy Christmas In London

Of all the places I’ve lived, nothing compares to Christmas in London.  Even bathrooms are decorated to the nines, ensuring every bit of the holiday experience is a festive one!  From ice skating at Somerset to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland to the decorations on Regent Street, the entire city is magical.  It’s hard to not fall in love with England after a Christmas in London.

7 – See The Royal Family At Trooping The Colours

Trooping the Colours is a family affair in honor of Her Majesty The Queen’s birthday.  Aside from seeing nearly every member of the royal family, Trooping The Colours offer an amazing Birthday Parade, held on Horse Guards Parade in London in June each year.  It concludes with the RAF fly over, leaving the skies full of red, white and blue.  The parade and RAF are worth the wait.

8 – Visit Stonehenge

It’s hard to imagine how anything of this magnitude could be engineered today, let alone 5,000 years ago.  Though unclear why Stonehenge was built, Stone Circle and the surrounding landscape undoubtedly explain why it’s one of the best known ancient wonders of the world.

9 – Roam Oxford

Aside from Oxford being one of the 10 best universities in the world, it’s also home to famous poets and authors such as JRR Tolkien and Oscar Wilde.  If neither of those ring a bell, Oxford is also home to endless filming locations of Harry Potter.

Walk the streets and university buildings to feel the student vibe and the magic behind the epic J K Rowling Harry Potter series.  Find the lightning bolt that inspired the author and fields where Quidditch was played. As impressionable as Oxford University is on its own, tracing Harry Potter scenes is the icing on the cake.

10 – Spend A Day In Windsor

Windsor Castle on its own is a pretty special place to visit.  With Meghan Markle’s wedding dress on display, it’s a hot spot.  But even beyond the Royal State Apartments and St George’s Chapel is the town of Windsor itself.  With its cobblestone streets lined with tartan-inspired shops, fish and chips and a pub named after nearly every member of the royal family, Windsor is an easy place to get lost for a day.

Whether you are interested in history, iconic London or getting away from it all, the best of England offers something for everyone.  Plan these 10 things to do in England today.

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